Monday, January 16, 2012

                                IS UGANDA OURS OR YOURS !!!

Ugandan economy is alarming, the inflation rate is galloping, the standard of living is miserable, the employment level is frustrating, the corruption level is galloping, the leaders are very deaf, they can not see anymore, they can not read any more but they can only afford to eat from the collapsing economy.
Ministers are having endless expensive holidays, they are claiming for expensive privileges like cars, jets to mention but a few, they  have built expensive complex masons, hotels and personal roads, their children study from complex schools, where there is no dust, no noise, their children use jets to go to school, the rights of their children are observed, they can afford at least twenty meals in an hour, whereas the poor ones we can not afford a penny in a week, we are left behind and exploited, our parents are left and so we the children.
However, one day, this economy, this country will be run by the peasants and so the country will be for common people.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello my dear friends,
I am wangaya Ronald as always i have come with new item to share on, Inflation in Uganda is threatening the living condition of the people, life is so costly, that people have resorted to sharing alone, hence distorting our hospitality, transport cost are so and the roads are poor, we are not safe !
What should we do? its the question to ponder ! we need a lot money to buy a tiny item, this makes people to be discouraged to work.
A lot of injustices like theft is threatening to increase in future ,if at all this condition goes on, as this people will take this as an option to survive under hard condition. The rate of HIV AIDS is most likely to increase as people are going to take on prostitution as a supplement on their incomes to meet their needs of life.
School is so costly, we the students our guardians and parents have to upload us with a lot of dime to survive at school, of which gets down loaded so fast due to this inflation.
Are we safe ???????
From wangaya Ronald. Uganda christian university in Uganda.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ugandan politics.

I ma wangaya ronald, i happy of being a ugandan, but i think there is a reason as to why i am a ugandan , maybe i need to do some thing good for our country together with others.
So i urge all ugandans to be straight minded a vote competent leader but not parties.
Long live Uganda, i was shaped by Europeans way of politics most especially in Norway, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.
S0 i call upon all African people to be people of responsibility in their countries.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blue lizard

Today its a world of blue lizards, unless your a blue lizard it may be very difficult for a green lizard or brown lizard to penetrate into that section. Today like in Africa, Uganda in particular, uniless your known some where by someone , you can be easily be denied your opportunities because you do not look others, inmost cases if your of a low status. So in other words i am trying to mean that there is favouritism and discrimination in most cases move together.
In europe, there is fear for strangers. Unless your known very, you will be highly daubted . I think this normal but when i was in Scandinavian countries, it came out so strange, only families move put with their family members, and their close friends only .Ha Ha !! In uganda, its different, we matching out with people even if we do not know them very well.
This world have its own cultures and some are so interesting while othets are sos scaring . But if want to just move out of your room and you will discover the rest and you will witness the greatest of all.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Norwegian cultural shocks Now

Norway is a scandavian country, it belongs to sister states like sweden, Denmark and finland. it has a good international relationship with other countries. That is of course good
Now i have fined almost six month in Norway in the southern part of the country called kristiansand. Yeah ! it ia nice city with the population of people equivalent to one of my trading centres in the village . But people seem to be so happy about this countable people who match along the city streets at a rocket speed.
Now it is monday, i do not go to work, i say now let me go the town may be i can see many new interesting things. I have to take a bus, from my apartment. Which is may six minutes drive in the bus. I have to hurry to the bus stop otherwise the bus drivers seem to be having no compassion, have to hurry running from my home to the bus stop otherwise even reaching there two seconds late, you get when the bus has just left, you will see it trailling ahead of you in few metres even the driver will notice that indeed you were going to take the bust but he will not stop at all.
Why is it so !!! ahhhhh me at home gateway, akamba, elgon flyers, taxis, boda boda, they wait for me, i am the boss, but here the bus is the bus, .
In other words, i mean keeping time is so crucial and cruel in Norway. One day i was embarrased, i have been invited on the big ceremony, i have to prepare well, i have sharpaned my apetite, actually i have to have a speech at the ceremony, but later every thing turned into a fiasco as well as a disapointment after the bus had disorganised me.
I was putting on my suit to go and fit in this great ceremony, but as soon as i reached the bus stop, i saw the bus which is take just closing the door setting off. I tried to run and call the bus driver but in vein he only looked at me and shut the door, ehhhh !!! now what do i do ? do miss the ceremony nooooo!!!! i can not miss it. My be i have to wait for another bus, but when is it coming ? may be i have to check on the time table for buses, oh !!!! my God !!! the next bust comes two hours later iihhhh !!!! what a hell the next bus comes when the function is even finished, ok i try a tax, only the price of a taxi it is God who knows.
I had to miss the function !!!!!!

Socialogy in Norway.
Ahhhh !!! this is a real cultural stroke but a shoke, my friend, in Norway people`s lips are glued up, they move with security on guard, they move on gun point, be cause people move straight forward, no one looks behind when moving it is not so common, people do not talk my friend ! i do not know why, in the bus, people prefer lonely seats, why ? This is my experience, in uganda, we prefer to be where people are, we prefer to meet and talk to stranger, and intaract, but here it is up side down people are shy, they are skeptical, they are always and mostly dressed in black jackets along the streets zooming besides one another they are always either texting messages or listening to ipods or talking to phones for a long time.
If your lucky, then you can get a very a cute smile from some one and do not expect more that that. You may be so happy and think this person is so interested in knowing mle and may be i tal to him or sit near him in the bus, waaaaaahhhh!!!! if you go there and sit next to him, he will prestend to be welcoming but inside him self he will be asking him self many question.
Who is this person ? where is he from ? why did he take this bus the same like me ? ahh !! why is he dressed like this ? But why did he come to sit with me ? Any he will extend and create for you a seat to sit with him or her. But should there be a space any where in the bus, this person will leave you and go and sit there iiihhhhhh ! i am i smelling ? did touch him ? i am shabby ? do i look bad ? any way you not know what is the truth.
At first, i thought it happens to internationals but later, i discovered even a Norwegian to a Norwegian they experience the same situation. I do not know if it is a challenge to them be cause, they all almost do it but not every Norwegian.
In norway, when you enter the bus, you rather ask for permission to sit with some one, it is like uganda where you just go and sit any where with any one. Here you may irritate some. Since they are shy, they may not tell you but it worthy to ask inskyul kun jeg sit ved deg ? please can i sit near you ? in other word, and chances are minimal, some one can give you a red card not to sit with him and yetother place are filled up. Please be humble and stand untill there will be space for you after some people have gone out.
i was from Vennesla, i was from work, i enter in the bus while rocking my music from the mp3
i just put my bus card to the squared machine at the entrance of the bus and i entered in the bus, unfortunately, the seats were occupied, eeehhhhh !!! what do i do, where do sit now ? oh i can there is a girl, there sitted but ther is a free seat just next to her. Of course i can take that !!! with happiness hey ! can i sit near you No ! ihhhh ehh may be she did not hear me well excuse me can i sit near you ? please. No i said no oh my God but the sit is free. i wondered why. She just looked at me and did not sympathies with me at all. so i had to stand and i was responding to all gears as i kept on dancing in the bus.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Year 2010 we need physical change.

What is the the best way to change the peoples lives who are living with no hope and peace in this world. I know it may sound so unbelievable to some people if i say that in some parts of the world, people have no peace in the mind, they are living deads, they need our efforts, we need a combined efforts to do some thing for them.
It does not really cost a lot to change ones life, it can be done in different ways, you do not have to count what you have before you can can take the intiative.
I have stayed in Norway for this considerable period of time, i was puzzled with the way how mentally handcapped people are cared for, i feel i need to do some thing for them, i feel i should do it , God is there for us all , we should help each other, we should come together and make a team, we can change the world, what may come! we can do it and it is possible in all spheres of life.
I was perplexed, i was really amazed, i really want peace, i do not want to see poverty, it is bad, to be poor, we should all divorce poverty, just, in your budget, it can mental or physical budget please add and consider some one some where.
From Ronald from uganda.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

snow Again

This is a wonder some weather to me, i have never seen snow before, it is etremely white, yesterday ,i went with victor down town, there were no people at all, people were indoor, they shun snow, i really like snow,i think i will miss it when i go back to uganda, perhaps i need to buy a bag and carry some to uganda,
Snow is fun, bye the way, you can go skiing, skating, you can eat snow as desert,i like that when i invite my visitors like friends on sundays, then the shops are closed but i donot have toworry be cause there is dersert out side, i have to just pick my plate and go out and pick snow and dersert will be mad after food!!!!