Monday, January 16, 2012

                                IS UGANDA OURS OR YOURS !!!

Ugandan economy is alarming, the inflation rate is galloping, the standard of living is miserable, the employment level is frustrating, the corruption level is galloping, the leaders are very deaf, they can not see anymore, they can not read any more but they can only afford to eat from the collapsing economy.
Ministers are having endless expensive holidays, they are claiming for expensive privileges like cars, jets to mention but a few, they  have built expensive complex masons, hotels and personal roads, their children study from complex schools, where there is no dust, no noise, their children use jets to go to school, the rights of their children are observed, they can afford at least twenty meals in an hour, whereas the poor ones we can not afford a penny in a week, we are left behind and exploited, our parents are left and so we the children.
However, one day, this economy, this country will be run by the peasants and so the country will be for common people.

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